If Santorini Greece isn’t already on your must-see list (or already seen list), you’ll want to read on. The European island is almost impossibly beautiful and set in the lowest location of the Cyclades islands in the south of the Aegean sea. The island is known for it’s beautiful cliff set […]


The Serpentine Gallery in London likes to switch things up, and they do so by having a new temporary structure put in each year on their lawn. Past commissioned artists have included Frank Gehry, Herzog & de Meuron, and Zaha Hadid. This year, the chosen artist was actually a team by […]


Choosing a honeymoon destination is no small feat, after all most newlyweds want their travel experience to be as relaxing as possible following the big day. Here are some of the best places to visit when ocean front (or on top of ocean) accommodations are on your wish list. Bora […]

Spain - Image by Señor Hans

The Kingdom of Spain – A real dreamland on the lovely planet. Famous for its tremendous historic significance. Known for its immense cultural heritage. Praised for its sensational landscape and sceneries. Wanted for its glorified tourism features. And the most of all desired for its diverse but hospitable people. Spain […]

Hiran Minar - Salman Ahmad

Monarchs are sometimes really strange. But their imperial essence occasionally delivers both freakish and miraculous fallouts. Would you believe, a remarkable tower was erected by a Mughal emperor as a stunning gravestone in memory of his favorite pet ‘a deer’! Yes, the culpable was Nur-ud-din Mohammad Salim, who is commonly […]