There’ a lot of fantasy involved in a Disney film, and while the characters might not all be based on real people, many of the film’s were inspired by real life locations. Here are some destinations that were used as inspiration for Disney films. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany The Neuschwanstein […]


Google has a feature called “Plan a Trip” which was essentially designed to try and compete with the way that people search for trip information on their phones. Mostly they wanted to make the process easier than any other option to keep people on the search engine. Using keywords like […]


Along the northern coast of California is the incredible Redwood National Forest and National Parks. Until you see it it’s hard to believe the total majestic nature of the trees, but they are really a sight to be seen. The Sequoias and giant redwoods are often referred to as the same […]


There are about one million known animal species on the earth (that we know of), so there are a lot of surprising things to find out about them. Here are some random and surprising facts about animals. 1. There is something referred to as an “immortal jellyfish.” It will literally […]


Most of know that oceans make up most of the world (70 percent to be exact), but they are still full of mystery since we can’t possibly see everything that’s happening down there. But there are many interesting things that we do know about the ocean, that are truly incredible. […]


One of the great things about traveling is getting to experience so much new and unique culture, that is often more different and interesting than you ever could imagine. Here are some of the best quotes about culture that will get you motivated for that next trip. 1. “We seldom […]


Traveling alone can be an inspiring and life changing experience, but it can also be a little more complicated without a buddy and in the worst cases it can even be dangerous. Here are some tips to make it the best time possible when you’re going it alone. Plan Your […]