The Red House in Trinidad & Tobago - Image: Striderv

The Red House of Trinidad & Tobago

The Parliament house of the Trinidad and Tobago is officially known as the Red House which is located in the center of the capital city Port of Spain. The Red House is the symbol of the political activities which is currently used as a meeting place for parliament. The classical architecture of the graceful Red House reminds us the Greek revival style. The structure was completely coated with red paint in 1897 when Trinidad was preparing to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. After this, the building was generally called as “The Red House”.

The Red House. Image by CB4

In 1903, the Red House caught fire after some political riots. This happened when on the same day, the legislative council was discussing about the new strategy of the distribution and payment for water in the town. A demonstration was held by the people who were opposing some of the clauses of the new ordinance. The people also threw stones and most of the window panes were broken and the ground floor was burnt. After this a bloody incident occurred when the police opened fire on the crowd. Sixteen people were killed and forty-two injured, and the Red House was completely gutted. After the fire only the shell of the original Red House remained.

The Parliament house of the Trinidad and Tobago is officially known as the Red House

After few years a new building plan of the Red House of Trinidad & Tobago was designed by D. M. Hahn who was a Chief Draughtsman of the Public Works. The work was completed in 1906.

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