Royal Poinciana Tree ( Image : By Sanibeljac )

Royal Poinciana Tree ( Image : By Sanibeljac )

Royal Poinciana Tree is ideally grown in the tropical or semi tropical climate and it is a brilliant ornamental plant. Royal Poinciana Tree is also known as flame tree and in the Indian sub continent, this is locally known as Gul-e-Mohar.

Royal Poinciana Tree ( Image : By Sugar Sharon )

Royal Poinciana Tree has extremely dazzling appearance due to its bright red colored flowers and lush green foliage. Royal Poinciana Tree has the ability to spread widely, if it is grown in ideally suitable condition. Although it can also survive in the salty and dry conditions.

Gulmohar flowers ( Image: Coolkarni )

In many parts of the world, Royal Poinciana Tree is grown as the street tree and the flowering occurs on this magnificent tree in the spring season. Royal Poinciana Tree is botanically known as Delonix regia and it is originally endemic to Madagascar. Royal Poinciana Tree is particularly abundant in the Caribbean, where it is known simply as a flamboyant tree. Royal Poinciana Tree can obtain the average height of 30-40 ft (9.1-12.2 m), but its fantastic umbrella-shaped canopy can be wider than its height.

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