Purple Leaf Sand Cherry-Prunus x cistena ( Image: Dick Attaway )

Prunus x cistena is an oval shaped tree with purple foliage which is actually a large shrub and it is grown in full to part sun. Prunus x cistena, the Purple leaf sand cherry is a cross between Prunus pumila and Prunus cerasifera ‘Atropurpurea’. The tree makes the garden or the place extremely exotic and beautiful for its purple spattering impact. Prunus x cistena also produces […]

An exquisite Bee Orchid flower ( Image: eff cohen )

Bee Orchid is an exotic European flower which looks like an adorable resting place of a female bee. Bee Orchid is botanically known as Ophrys apifera which can grow up to 20 inches. Bee Orchid is commonly found in the Eastern Europe and in some parts of the rest of […]

Carnation: The national flower of Slovenia ( Image: Lucky Hidden Dragon )

Floram emblems are also one of the important national symbols of many countries that actually represent the nature and geography of that country. Some countries have further associated the specific flowers to their native territories. In fact, if some countries have not described any particular flower as their floral emblem, […]