Cal Madow of Somalia

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Cal Madow mountain range of Somalia

Cal Madow, the beautiful mountain range of the Northern Somalia is also suffering from environmental degradation. Normally, Somalia remains in the news for the horrific warfare and famine situation. But a very few of us know that Somalia is also a home of a unique flora comprising of more than 500 species of plants. Most of them grow in Cal Madow which is now a sparse and unprotected area of Somalia.

Cal Madow mountain range of Somalia

There was a time before 1980’s, when Cal Madow was an important tourist destination but after that, this area was not developed by the Somali authorities. The mountain range of Cal Madow extends from several miles in the west of Bosaso to the North West of Erigavo. The highest peak of Cal Madow mountain range is 2500m at Shembir beris in the North West of Erigavo. The thick mountain forests are spread at an altitude of between 700–800 m above sea level, and has a mean annual rainfall of 750–850 mm.

Somali Golden-winged Grosbeak . Image : Angie Pattison

There is no detailed botanic and biological research conducted in this area so exact statistics of the endemic species are unknown. The area of Cal Madow owes wonderful ecology and natural environment. There is a big concern for the proper conservation and protection of this area. The local people are also cutting the splendid juniper and boodar trees from the evergreen forests of Cal Madow. We must also remember that this is also causing a bog problem for the fauna of this area, as Cal Madow of Somalia is a natural habitat of many rare wild species.

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