Algerian traditional dress is one of the most significant in North African region in the sense that it has maintained its original style since centuries. Although in the main cities of Algeria, the Algerians use the western style dresses yet in the remote areas of Algeria, specially the rural class still continue their tradition of using the traditional Algerian attires. If we say, the cultural debate about Algeria is incomplete without mentioning the traditional costume of the Algerian people, it might not be wrong.

Algerian traditional men's dress. Image : Dandan Liu

The traditional men’s costume of Algeria consists of  a Gandoura or cloak which is made of white or brown wool. They also use a shirt which is worn over another longer shirt. Burnous is also used by Algerian Men in their clothing which is a sleeveless coat. Burnous is made of lawn in the summer while it is prepared with wool in the winter. This may be consisting of captivating embroidery and various design patterns.

A woman in Algeria wearing traditional Haik. By : Khaled Ayab

The typical women of Algeria wear a dress that is known as Haik  which is a veil like fabric that covers the woman from head to toe. Under this they use loose fitting trousers. The Islamic influence is also shown as mostly the women cover their heads by headdresses. The traditional wedding dress of Algerian women is a very sophisticated attire and in the wedding occasions the women of Algeria wear their traditional wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are prepared in many fancy and elegant patterns.

Algerian traditional wedding dress

Although Algerian traditional dress reflects the influences from the western culture but it also has many distinctions in its different styles. The way these traditional dresses of Algeria are prepared, they carry a huge attractions for the tourists due to their fascinating designs and varieties.

Algerian dancers in their traditional costumes ( Image: The Pagan Alliance )

Algerian dancers in their traditional costumes ( Image: The Pagan Alliance )

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